HIIT Workouts For Runners


The great thing about running and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are that it doesn’t require you to have expensive gym equipment or gear, all you need is running shoes, shorts, tee and you’re good to go!

You can do HIIT running anywhere! You don’t need to go for a half-marathon to get a good run, you can do shorts burst of fast pace and you will be sweating in no time! It’s super-efficient and it saves time.

HIIT workouts will help you to get a better pace in your long runs because it will improve your overall heart health. Here are a few HIIT running programs ready for you. Make sure to do a proper warmup before hitting your run!

Short Interval Workout:

Total time: ≈ 15 min;
Warmup: 5-min easy pace jog/walk;
Workout: Find a mountain. Run as quick as you can up the hill for 30 seconds, jog down slowly for 60 seconds;
Reps: 4–5;
Cool-down: 5-min easy pace jog/walk.

Hill Interval Workout:

Total time: ≈ 20 min;
Warmup: 5-min easy pace jog/walk;
Workout: Sprint for 60 seconds at an 8 out of 10 effort, jog for 90 seconds;
Reps: 4–6;
Cool-down: 5-min easy pace jog/walk.

Sprinting Interval Workout:

Total time: ≈ 60 min;
Warmup: 15-min easy pace jog/walk;
Workout: 60 seconds quick pace sprint, walk for 120 seconds;
Reps: 8;
Cool-down: 20-min easy pace jog/walk.

Long Interval Workout:

Total time: ≈ 80 min;
Warmup: 20-min easy pace jog;
Workout: Run for 15 min at 10K race pace, walk 5 min;
Reps: 1;
Cool-down: 20-min easy pace jog.

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