Easy Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Life Drastically

Today we would like to share with you few simple, but great tips that will help you to live healthy, without feeling deprived.

• Wake up early

Addicted to hitting snooze? It’s time to shake that habit! According to recent research, early risers have a 12-27% lower risk of depression than late sleepers, who also tend to have more unpredictable sleep patterns! Plus, waking earlier leaves lots of time to get into your morning routine calm and cool. Not feeling the early vibe? Start simply and wake up at the same every day to help regulate your sleeping habits.

• Master Your Morning Routine

Plan for your mornings and, if possible, stick to the same routine daily. Whether the first thing you do is walk the dog, make breakfast, or workout, keeping it consistent will you help you glide through the morning with little to no struggles!

• Try a Coffee Substitute

Whether you’re looking to replace caffeine completely or find a coffee alternative, there are plenty of morning drinks for health out there that can give you a boost of energy. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Lemon Water;
2. Energy-Boosting Green Smoothie;
3. Apple Cider Vinegar;
4. Chai Tea.

• Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins and makes you look and feel great! Did you know that good health really comes from working out only 30 minutes a day, three to five times a week! Walk, run, play tennis, bike, or just dance – whatever you like the most. Just get moving.

• Productive Day Starts The Night Before

Great days begin with good nights. Set yourself up for a productive morning by putting your phone away at least 30 minutes before bedtime, read a book if you like, set your clothes out for the next day and prepare a meal, it will will help you avoid stress of rushing the next morning.

• Give Yourself a Break

Don’t forget to go easy on yourself and live a little. Resolutions shouldn’t be about deprivation, instead, we should be supporting our lives with healthier options and a little time for ourselves.

It’s never too late to add some of these healthy habits to your life. Every day is a fresh start and a chance to make better decisions.

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