Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training


What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout that involves intense bursts of all kinds of activities followed by a short recovery period. What makes HIIT exercises so exciting and easy to fit into your routine is that you can use any type of activities and you don’t need any big or expensive gym gear to get your sweat on.

The average HIIT workout is 10-30 minutes. Activities can be various – biking, running, and bodyweight exercises, but regardless of what exercise you choose as part of your HIIT program, you’ll enjoy a heart-pounding fat-burning workout! High-intensity exercise delivers the same results as moderate exercise in a way shorter time. If you’re not sure you would like to try HIIT just yet, check out these other benefits:

Burn a lot of calories and burn them fast in a short amount of time;
Metabolic rate is higher for a more extended period of time—up to 24 hours—after finishing your workout;
Reduces body fat and waistline circumference;
Grow muscle and increase your heart health at the same time;
Improves oxygen consumption;
Reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar;
Great for busy people who want to see results quick;
A broad variety of exercises can be used as part of HIIT.

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